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The AWS Solutions Library offers a collection of cloud-based solutions for dozens of technical and business problems, vetted for you by AWS. You can browse our collection of AWS Solutions Implementations if you want to deploy a reference implementation yourself, or choose an AWS Solutions Consulting Offer if you want help from an AWS Competency Partner with deploying, integrating, and managing a Solution.

AWS Solutions Implementations

I want to deploy vetted architecture directly into my AWS account

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AWS Solutions Consulting Offers

I want help deploying vetted architecture from AWS Competency Partners

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About AWS Solutions Implementations

AWS Solutions Implementations help you solve common problems and build faster using the AWS platform. All AWS Solutions Implementations are vetted by AWS architects and are designed to be operationally effective, reliable, secure, and cost efficient. Every AWS Solutions Implementation comes with detailed architecture, a deployment guide, and instructions for both automated and manual deployment.

About AWS Solutions Consulting Offers

AWS Solutions Consulting Offers are vetted solutions to dozens of common business and technical problems, delivered via consulting engagements provided by AWS Competency Partners.All Consulting Offers provide customers up-front with a list of what will be delivered by the consulting engagement, the requirements of the customer to participate in the engagement, as well as a diagram of the architecture solution that will be deployed into the customers’ account.