Amazon GameLift

Dedication makes all the difference. Get best in-class dedicated game server hosting with Amazon GameLift.

The Amazon GameLift Difference

Let’s face it. Server infrastructure can make or break your multiplayer game. Without reliable gameplay experiences, players will go elsewhere. That’s where Amazon GameLift comes into play. Dedicated game server hosting in the cloud means minimizing latency and wait time, and maximizing cost savings. The difference is in the numbers:
45 ms

global median latency

Deliver games to players around the world without adding lag. Learn more »
Up to 70%

compute cost savings compared to colocation solutions

Autoscaling and Spot instances mean you get reliable compute for reliably low costs. Learn how»
100 ms

match start time

Instantly get player groups into game sessions.

Accelerate Your Game Development

Ship your game faster and quickly bring players the gaming experience they expect.

Automatically scale server capacity with player traffic

Be prepared for unexpected spikes in player traffic, but stop paying for idle server capacity when there’s low player traffic. Learn how »
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FleetIQ continually rebalances capacity across instance types and regions to ensure that players are getting the lowest latency games at the lowest prices. Learn how »

No downtime for updates

Keep servers live and players playing 24/7 by using Amazon GameLift, even when releasing updates or new content. Learn how »

Support cross-platform play

Connect your community across devices and broaden your pool of players for potential matches. Learn more »

Works with your existing engine and workflows

Whether you use a AAA engine like Unity, Unreal, Lumberyard or a homegrown C++ solution, the Amazon GameLift SDK easily integrates to get your servers up and running in the cloud. Learn how »

Flexible matchmaking

Use your own matchmaking service or our customizable solution, FlexMatch, to create competitive matches based on rules you define. Learn how »

Get Started with Amazon GameLift

Step 1 - Sign up for an AWS account

Sign up for an AWS account - Free Sex Videos And HD Porn TubeAWS Free Tier »

Upload your build

Start testing Amazon GameLift by using our sample game client.


Deploy your game servers

Learn how to deploy a game server with our sample game server and see the live player and session data you created in the Amazon GameLift dashboard. Sign up now»

Developer Resources

Developer Guide

Get an overview of Amazon GameLift and detailed instructions for the various features, along with guides to use GameLift in the AWS Management Console. Learn more »

Getting Started

Learn more about Amazon GameLift with the API reference guide and pre-packaged SDKs. Learn more »

Free Training

Take our online course to learn how to scale multiplayer games with GameLift, including how design decisions will impact matchmaking and costs.Learn more »


Catch the latest news about Amazon GameLift and other Amazon game services on our blog.Learn more »


Learn from Amazon GameLift users and engineers in our community forums. We're here to help you succeed. Join the discussion »

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