AWS Customer Enablement

Migrate and build faster in the cloud

AWS Customer Enablement services augment your team’s cloud skills by delivering deep AWS expertise where, when, and how you need it. You can get projects started faster, build high-performing applications more quickly, and continuously optimize costs. AWS Customer Enablement helps you move faster and achieve success with AWS.

These services – AWS IQ, AWS Managed Services, AWS Professional Services, AWS Support, and AWS Training and Certification – are built and delivered by the most experienced cloud experts in the industry. No one has more experience helping customers find success in the cloud, and over the past 13 years our Customer Enablement teams have been obsessed with helping customers migrate and build faster in the cloud.

The Amazon Partner Network (APN) complements and extends AWS Customer Enablement, giving you the broadest set of assistance options you need to achieve your goals in the cloud. No matter what kind of help you need and no matter how complex your challenge, AWS and our partners have a customer enablement service to help you quickly move forward.

National Australia Bank Values the Proactive Nature of AWS Support

Customer Enablement Services

Complete your AWS projects faster with help from third-party AWS Certified experts.

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Example: With more than 15 million users, Anaconda provides a popular data science platform and a foundation of modern machine learning. Anaconda used AWS IQ to work with AWS Certified third-party experts. This shaved weeks off Anaconda’s high priority project and enabled them to deliver value for their customers sooner.

Infrastructure management and operation by AWS so you can reduce your operational overhead and risk and focus on your business applications.

Common use cases:move to and operate faster in AWS, ensure security and compliance in the cloud

Example:National Australia Bank migrated 30 applications to AWS in 50 days without needing internal cloud operations skills.

Specialized skills and experience to help you define and achieve results in the cloud.

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Example: Philips’ Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services division worked with AWS Professional Services to build itsHealthSuite digital platform. The platform analyzes and stores 15 PB of patient data gathered from 390 million imaging studies, medical records, and patients.

People, programs, and tools that go beyond reactive break-fix services to optimize your AWS environment.

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Example:Wireless Car, owned by Volkswagon Group and Volvo Group, created Digital Vehicle services that connect cars, ecosystems, business flows, and fleets. AWS Support helped WirelessCar improve its applications and its utilization of AWS services, all while reducing the cost of services.

Resources developed by AWS to quickly advance your team’s skills and knowledge.

Common use cases:build cloud fluency throughout organization, create a culture of innovation, develop adaptable and continuous learning mechanisms

Example:MicroFocus, the 6th largest software company in the world, worked with AWS Training and Certification to get over 1,300 employees worldwide trained in AWS services. Beyond training, the certification programs accelerated MicroFocus’ business because employees got real, hands-on experience with AWS, enabling them to build faster and better.


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AWS has unmatched experience, maturity, reliability, security, and performance. AWS has been delivering cloud services for over 13 years to millions of customers around the world running a wide variety of use cases. AWS Customer Enablement, along with our tens of thousands of global systems integrators (SIs) who specialize in AWS services, have the expertise to help you speed your journey.

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AWS Customer Enablement offers the broadest set of expertise-based services to help you succeed. We help you set business and technical strategies based on your desired outcomes. We give you proactive architectural guidance and ensure issues are resolved quickly. We even operate your infrastructure for you if needed.

Augment and Improve Your Teams’ Cloud Skills

AWS Customer Enablement helps you develop your team’s skills so you can rapidly innovate in the cloud. We help reskill your teams as necessary to migrate and operate within the cloud, and continuously upskill your teams in lockstep with the rapid pace of innovation.

Case studies

Why AWS Has What It Takes to Help Enterprises Succeed In The Cloud (2:11)
“With AWS Managed Services, we could migrate to the cloud quickly while building our teams’ skills. We were able to migrate 30 applications in 50 days. AWS Enterprise Support gives us a proactive Support measure rather than a reactive one. We have a Technical Account Manager that helps us design our environment so that it is easy to support.”

- Steve Day, Executive GM, Infrastructure & Cloud, National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank (NAB) is one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia, and serves nine million customers across 900 locations worldwide. NAB is working with AWS to accelerate their three-year enterprise transformation leveraging the AWS Platform. In its first year, NAB was able to train over 4,000 IT staff members using AWS Training and Certification, achieve regulatory compliance approval, implement its NAB data hub data lake using AWS Professional Services, and complete a large-scale migration project of over 30 applications in less than 2 months. NAB migrated more than 100 workloads to AWS in the first year, and plans to move more than 300 additional workloads in the next 12 months.

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AWS Helps Siemens Deliver Better Care at a Lower Cost (7:20)

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics helps advance human health through innovation. Siemens has built an analytics platform to help caretakers personalize patient treatment plans through companion diagnostics testing. AWS provides Siemens with tools like AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, Auto Scaling, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to become more agile and achieve their mission. AWS Professional Services helped Siemens define the business outcome of personalized patient treatment plans as well as how to use AWS services to quickly build a secure, HIPAA-compliant, and scalable platform on AWS.

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Verizon Media Moves Faster in the Cloud with AWS Enterprise Support (1:54)
“Programs like Infrastructure Event Management help us be very prepared as we move our important applications to production. We get a big bang for the buck with what we get from AWS Enterprise Support.”

- Aaron Lake, VP of Cloud, Verizon Media

With brands including Yahoo, HuffPost, and TechCrunch, Verizon Media transforms the way people stay informed and get entertained. Verizon Media’s IT department must support each of its brands and their customers in a seamless manner across multiple touchpoints. AWS Support helps Verizon Media build trust with its brand divisions, and its customers, by proactively making sure issues are avoided through features such as Infrastructure Event Management (IEM). IEM provides guidance, planning, and operational support for large-scale events such as product or application launches and migrations. It is one of several proactive planning programs offered by AWS Support as a way to avoid downstream issues.

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Wipro's Cloud Adoption Journey with AWS Training and Certification (2:44)
“The critical ingredients of any successful transformation is having the right talent. Working with AWS Training and certification, we have trained thousands of our employees and gained over 2,000 certifications. This helped our employees gain more confidence and be able to perform better in their projects.”

- Manish Govil, Global AWS Business Head, Wipro

Wipro Technologies is among the largest global IT services, BPO & Product Engineering companies. Wipro makes an ideal partner for organizations looking at transformational IT solutions because of its ability to deliver a wide range of technology & business consulting solutions and services.